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Cristina's portfolio was built with ArcGIS Instant AppsPortfolio template.

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This portfolio showcases the following elements:

As melhores cervejarias com esplanada em Lisboa [Best breweries with an esplanade in Lisbon] (2022)

An ArcGIS StoryMaps (includes an ArcGIS Survey123). Tutorial available here.

Arvoredo em Lisboa [Trees in Lisbon] (2022)

An ArcGIS Hub Site. Tutorial available here.

Streets of Perth Map (2016)

Street Art in Perth (2016)

Le mont Blanc ou il monte Bianco? Cartographies d'une conquête symbolique et pragmatique [Mont Blanc or Monte Bianco: Cartographies of a symbolic and pragmatic conquest] (2009)

A documentary film.

La Plaine de Plainpalais: un lieu paradoxal [Plaine de Plainpalais: a paradoxical place] (2008)

A documentary film.

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