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Take advantage of ArcGIS Online for free

Take advantage of ArcGIS Online for free
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If you're a regular here at All That Geo, you might have noticed that most tutorials describe workflows in ArcGIS Online. Besides being my favourite geospatial platform to work with, it is gratifying for beginners, as you can create an app with no code and no pain. Still, the result can be as professional as if you had built it from nothing.

For beginners, though, the pain point can be the price.

Having that in mind, I'll share with you three different options available to take advantage of ArcGIS Online and its suite of apps for free:

  • 21-day trial account
  • Developer account
  • Public account

🧨 21-day trial account

This is a time-limited type of account, but once the time is up, you can convert it to a paid subscription. There are two types of trials:

More information on the 21-day trial account here.

Once the trial ends, and if you do not convert your account to a paid subscription, your content will be lost.

πŸ›  Developer account

Don't let the name scare you - it is not (only) for developers!

This account is ideal if you want to try things out without a paid commitment or time constraints. But, if needed, you can always boost the free tier with a pay-as-you-go system.

With a Developer account, you have access to a wide range of apps and the Living Atlas of the World. More information here.

πŸ‘₯ Public account

This type of account is quite limited compared to the previous two types. For instance, you can only create Instant Apps, Configurable Apps and StoryMaps. Still, you have 400 credits to spend and access the Living Atlas of the World and Esri Academy.

More information on the Public account here.

πŸŽ“ If you're a tertiary student...

Many universities have a relationship with Esri. So, if you're a tertiary student, check with your university if you can access ArcGIS at no cost.

Be mindful that once you leave your education institution, you might lose access to your account and all the hard work in it (I've been there 😰).

πŸš€ Moving on from a free account

When you feel confident enough to take your geospatial work further and require more functionality, you can move on to an ArcGIS Online subscription.

If you're in the nonprofit sector, apply for the Nonprofit Software Pricing Program and access GIS tools at a lower cost.

P.S. Do you want to start applying your GIS, data visualisation and storytelling skills? Follow the beginner-friendly tutorials and build apps that will help you make a difference!

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