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The Monthly with All That Geo – April 2022

The Monthly with All That Geo – April 2022
The Monthly with All That Geo

Welcome back to The Monthly with All That Geo by me, Cristina. Every issue will bring you a new tutorial on spatial data storytelling.

💬 In this month's issue:


  • My CV as a story map

Let’s dive in!

🗺  How to crowdsource data and use it to create a digital map tour

We all have a list of favourite places to eat, drink and unwind. What if you turned that curated list into a digital map tour you could share with others? And even better, what if you asked your friends to share their favourite places too?

That is what my friend Márcia and I started creating together recently. You see, she is a fan of esplanades, where she can grab a good beer and enjoy Lisbon’s many hours of sun. So I suggested we start putting her favourite spots on a map so that she could share them with everyone.

But even if Márcia loves beer and esplanades, you can well imagine her life does not revolve around them! She quickly realised she would also need ‘operational agents’ (a.k.a. friends) to contribute and add the best spots on the map.

So, to assist Márcia in this endeavour, I created a survey + map tour, all wrapped up in a story map, and I am sharing that workflow with you today in my latest tutorial. Even if you’re not interested in beer (fair enough, me neither), esplanades (ok...) or sun (seriously??), you can still repurpose this workflow for any other places of interest in your community.

In this tutorial, I'll go through:

  • Creating a survey to crowdsource data
  • Adding a vetting field to your survey data model
  • Submitting a dummy entry to the survey
  • Updating a view to filter survey records
  • Building a story map
  • Adding a map tour to the story map
  • Embedding the survey in the story map
  • Adding a credits section and changing the story map’s design
  • Publishing the story map
  • Making a tiny URL to customise the story map even further

Happy exploring!‌‌

Click to access the tutorial.
You can retrieve all tutorials published so far here.

👩🏻‍🎓 My CV as a story map

I’ve recently started tackling a long-delayed project: recreate my CV in story map format.

It is still a work in progress, but feel free to have a look and give feedback:

Click to view my cv story map.
Does it make you want to recreate your cv in a story map format too? Let me know (by replying to this email) if you’re looking for tricks and tips to help you in that endeavour. I might cover the workflow in an upcoming tutorial.

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Take care and keep learning,

Cristina‌ | All That Geo