The Monthly with All That Geo – June 2022

The Monthly with All That Geo – June 2022
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Welcome back to The Monthly with All That Geo by me, Cristina. Each month I bring you a new learning experience on geospatial data visualisation, analysis and storytelling.

In this issue:

🐾  How to create a 3-in-1 app to crowdsource data, analyse results, and share stories

A few months ago, I dedicated myself to a special pet project (pun intended): I wanted to share my dog Frenchy's life story with others.

But, you know, there are so many touching stories about greyhounds out there...

So, in addition to sharing Frenchy's story, I thought about a way I could collect other greyhound stories and showcase them. I wanted to create a web page where greyhound owners could add their dog's stories and meet other greyhounds.

All in one app, if possible!

And then I thought: how cool would it be if there were some analytics to detect trends amongst those dogs' behaviours?

Well, I admit, a bit too ambitious for just one app. But I wanted a one-stop app for greyhound stories so that people wouldn't have to access different apps, whether they were submitting stories or meeting other greyhounds. In other words, I wanted to maximise the user experience when visiting the web page.

The risk was that the app would look messy and unusable.

But first things first. I knew that I had to start with a survey to collect those stories. Then, I would be able to show the results in the form of a dashboard (you can tell stories with dashboards, too πŸ˜‰). Finally, I knew I had to be mindful of the user interface since all these items were to show. And that was the trickiest part since dashboards usually look bad on mobile...

That's when I found a way to make the dashboard look great in every screen size: by using the Experience Builder πŸ™Œ

So, in this tutorial, I'm sharing the step-by-step workflow I followed to build a 3-in-1 web app that allows for crowdsourcing data, performing analytics and sharing stories while looking good on both desktop and mobile.

πŸ€” But Cristina, how can this kind of 3-in-1 web app be helpful to me?

  • You want to collect data from users, visualise their submissions and perform analytics on the fly, sharing just one URL. Β 
  • You are researching a particular topic that requires crowdsourced data, and you want to monitor the submissions in real time.
  • You want to ensure your dashboard shows correctly on every screen size.
Are you trying to figure out if an app like this is suitable for your particular use case? Then, send me an email, and I’ll help you find out.

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See you next month!

Take care and keep learning,

Cristina | All That Geo

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