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The Monthly with All That Geo – September 2022

The Monthly with All That Geo – September 2022
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Welcome back to The Monthly with All That Geo by me, Cristina.

In this issue:

  • This is not a goodbye… it’s a see you later!

🫡 This is not a goodbye… it’s a see you later!

Since January 2021, I've been sharing tutorials, tips and inspiration for your GIS, data visualisation and storytelling learning journey.

Now, this newsletter is taking a long break.

As a valued member of All That Geo, I must thank you for:

  • Joining me in this learning journey. It has been a two-way street, as your feedback helped me immensely in my learning journey.
  • Steering me to your learning preferences, which I've been trying to address with each new tutorial and course.
  • Sharing your interest in upcoming courses I've been teasing.
  • Showing your support in different formats and places.

I've put together a few "But Cristina...!" segments below to address your questions (let's say I got them telepathically, loud and clear 😬):

But Cristina, in July's issue of the newsletter, you promised:

I guess the oven got too small, and something had to give 😅 Now, seriously... I am still planning to share those learning resources with you, just a tad later than expected.

But Cristina... why?? I am heartbroken!

Sorry to hear that!

Life happens - major cliché, I know, nonetheless true. All That Geo has been mostly a one-woman show, and that woman (me!) now needs to prioritise her health and her family.

Is this getting too heavy too quickly? Let Tales of All That Geo provide you with a bit of comic relief.

But Cristina... what will happen to All That Geo??

Short answer: nothing terrible!

Longer answer: the newsletter will be on hold, but the website will continue to serve your learning needs. You can still follow the tutorials...

... and the courses.

To improve your experience, I've introduced the comments feature, where you can interact with other learners directly on the website.


As soon as The Monthly with All That Geo makes a glorious return, members will get the updates before anyone else and access exclusive offers. So your patience will be rewarded 😉.

Because this is the last newsletter in a while

Frenchy, my beloved dog, has been featured in this newsletter a few times:

The apps above have been instrumental in reaching many people, from Esri to dog lovers, friends and family. So to thank him for being an inspiration and the best companion throughout life's significant changes, I'm giving him the honour of closing this newsletter.


Thank you for sticking around, and I'll see you later!

In the meantime...

Take care and keep learning,

Cristina | All That Geo

Feel free to contact me at cristina@allthatgeo.com for feedback, expression of disappointment or ideas for All That Geo's future... I'll still be around and will do my best to respond!

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