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Ready-to-use COVID-19 data visualisations from Datawrapper

Ready-to-use COVID-19 data visualisations from Datawrapper

One year since the pandemic started, the mapping of COVID-19 data remains current. In the 17 (or so) responsible live visualisations about the coronavirus, for you to use blog post, Datawrapper prepared various chart types around the COVID-19 topic. The exciting thing about this is the possibility of editing those charts (by hovering over them and clicking Edit this chart) and even using your data in them!

Let me tell you from the outset that I have been looking forward to exploring Datawrapper for a while. Although I have not dig deep into the tool yet (stay tuned for this newsletter’s subsequent issues!), the blog post above is an ideal starting point. Since there is no need to create visualisations from scratch, data viz beginners will produce effective charts in no time.

Note: due to some bug, you might not be able to edit the charts unless you are signed in with a Datawrapper account. If that happens, you just need to create a free Datawrapper account, log in and reaccess the blog post. You’re all set – start making charts now!