The Monthly with All That Geo – August 2021

The Monthly with All That Geo – August 2021
The Monthly with All That Geo

Welcome to the August issue of The Monthly with All That Geo! Each month, I'll bring you a four-part newsletter focused on the learning of mapping and data visualisation skills:

  • In The Spotlight – data visualisation tools I have personally explored and reviewed.
  • Geo For Good – inspiring organisations and projects enabled by location data.
  • Frenchy's Tip – valuable tips that will make your mapping and data visualisation journey easier.
  • Tales of All That Geo – the first webcomic on the intersection of Geography, GIS, and Women in Tech, drawing on my lived experience and stories others have shared with me.

In The Spotlight

ArcGIS Insights is seriously worth it – give it a try
ArcGIS Insights from Esri makes data exploration and analysis fun.

Geo For Good

How to advocate for change with the SDGs
As data scientists, geospatial students, and engaged citizens, we can take advantage of the Open Sustainable Development Goals Data Hub.

Frenchy's Tip*

*This section is named after my dog Frenchy. He's a retired racing greyhound from Australia, living it up in Portugal.

Is your data analysis polyglot?
Google Sheets comes in handy when you work with data from different countries or datasets containing text in multiple languages.

Tales of All That Geo

All That... GIS: webcomic on the mixup GIS/ArcGIS
Tales of All That Geo is a webcomic at the intersection of Geography, GIS and Women in Tech. This one’s on the mixup between GIS and ArcGIS.

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