The Monthly with All That Geo – January 2021

The Monthly with All That Geo – January 2021
The Monthly with All That Geo

Happy New Year, and welcome to the very first issue of The Monthly with All That Geo!

Each month, I will bring you a three-part newsletter focused on the learning of mapping and data visualisation skills:

  • In The Spotlight – you'll be introduced to data visualisation tools I have personally explored and reviewed.
  • Geo For Good – you'll discover inspiring organisations and projects enabled by location data.
  • Frenchy's Tip – you'll get helpful tips to make your mapping and data visualisation journey easier.

In The Spotlight

Chart Studio: one tool, 35 data visualisations!
Chart Studio is a free and open-source tool to create a wide range of interactive charts (at the time of writing, 35!).

Geo For Good

GISCorps: offering GIS skills during the COVID-19 pandemic
GISCorps have published a story map where they review the remarkable work they did in 2020.

Frenchy's Tip*

*This section is named after my dog Frenchy. He's a retired racing greyhound from Australia.

Where can I find GIS data? A frequent difficulty
For anyone looking to access data that is georeferenced, i.e., that you can map, there is an updated list here.

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That's all for now. See you next month!

Take care and keep learning,

Cristinaβ€Œ | All That Geo