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Create a story map with Google Earth

Create a story map with Google Earth

In my quest for an alternative to ArcGIS StoryMaps, I have come across Google Earth.

Google Earth??

Yes, indeed! To use Google Earth Web to create a story map, you just need a Google account. Once in the builder, add significant places on the map (or import them from a KML file), add text, photos and video, set a 3D or street view, and that is it! Your project will be saved to your Google Drive, enabling collaboration on the story map. You can also share it as a KML or a presentation.

This tool is intuitive enough for beginners to use right away. Still, you can find a tutorial here and an inspiring example of a story map that will take you far away despite the pandemic.

At the moment, Google Earth is my story map builder of choice, right after ArcGIS StoryMaps.

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