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Flourish your data visualisations!

Flourish your data visualisations!

This month's data visualisation tool is exciting in many ways. At first glance, it may remind you of Chart Studio and Datawrapper, but with more options for those who work with location data.

Meet Flourish.

Flourish is a web-based data visualisation tool that consumes data in spreadsheets and turns them into animated graphs and maps, with no code or installation required. You can choose from 29 categories of templates, including 4 templates that take advantage of your spatial data: projection map, 3D map with time slider, connections globe and arc map.

If you are working with data from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Spain, UK, or the US, you have instant access to admin areas. But don't worry if you need to work with different regions - you can always upload a GeoJSON.

Once your graph or map is ready, you can export it as an image in HTML format or even embed it. If story mapping is your preferred method of sharing (I'm in a quest to find the best story mapping tools!), you'll be happy to know that Flourish makes it an intuitive process.

Have a look at a few examples here. This particular one, a 4D visualisation, reminds Kepler.gl.

To get started with Flourish, create a free public account and dive in straight away! Alternatively, follow the tips in their blog and show the world what you can do with this versatile tool.

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