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The Monthly with All That Geo – May 2021 (includes a special offer!)

The Monthly with All That Geo – May 2021 (includes a special offer!)
The Monthly with All That Geo

Welcome to the May issue of The Monthly with All That Geo by me, Cristina!

Each month, I bring you a three-part newsletter focused on the learning of mapping and data visualisation skills:

  • In The Spotlight – I’ll introduce you to data visualisation tools I have personally explored and reviewed.
  • Geo For Good – you’ll discover inspiring organisations and projects enabled by location data.
  • Frenchy’s Tip – you’ll get valuable tips to make your mapping and data visualisation journey easier.

In The Spotlight

Create a story map with Google Earth
To use Google Earth Web to create a story map, you just need a Google account. This tool is intuitive enough for beginners to use right away.

Geo For Good

Pop music and Tobler’s First Law of Geography
The Cultural Borders of Songs is a project by The Pudding about our geographic music bubbles, created using Mapbox and YouTube sourced data.

Frenchy's Tip*

*This section is named after my dog Frenchy. He’s a retired racing greyhound from Australia, living it up in Portugal.

Start creating a GIS portfolio today!
If you’re starting your journey in the GIS field, the best recommendation I can give you is to create an online portfolio.

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That’s all for now. See you next month for a new edition of this newsletter!

Take care and keep learning,

Cristina‌ | All That Geo

(First) P.S. Daniel from MapScaping is looking for Geospatial Students and early-stage geospatial professionals to participate in his podcast. If being a podcast ⭐️ is on your bucket list, let Daniel know.

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